About Us

Urapuntja Aboriginal Corporation is the Peak Body representing the people living on 16 Homelands located 250kms north-east of Alice Springs on the Alyawarra and Angarapa Aboriginal Land Trust (which covers 3,250 square kilometres). Prior to the amalgamation of smaller councils into the Shire framework on 1 July 2008, Urapuntja Aboriginal Corporation provided all local government services and a range of other community services to over 1,200 people living on the Homelands.

 Urapuntja Aboriginal Corporation was registered with the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations on 13/09/1981.

 Arlparra (also known as Utopia New Store) is the service centre providing support to all Homelands in the Urapuntja (Utopia) region:

- Aniltji (Boundary Bore)                        -Ankerrapw (Utopia Homestead)

- Anterrengeny                                       - Apungalindum

- Arnkawenyerr (Rocket Range)            - Artekerr (3 Bores)

- Atheley                                                - Atnarara (Soakage Bore)

- Camel Camp                                        - Kurrajong

- Mosquito Bore                                     - Ngkwarlerlanem

- Soapy Bore (Arawerr)                          - Tommyhawk Swamp

- Amengernternenh  (the 'community-controlled' health services is based at this Homeland).

The two main languages spoken in this region are:

·         Alyawarra; and

·         Anmatjirra.

The collective population in the Urapuntja/Utopia region is a changing quantity but was roughly 1,200 people in 2011/12.  This makes Urapuntja/Utopia one of the largest Aboriginal communities in Central Australia.

A series of population health surveys carried out between 1986 and 2004 have shown that people living in the Utopia region are significantly healthier than comparable groups, particularly their rates of mortality.  This has been attributed to the more active ‘outstation/homelands way of life’.  The primary health care facility based at Amengernternenh is ‘community controlled’.  Medical staff visit homelands on a regular basis.  Aboriginal Health Workers are employed at various Homelands.

The main School is based at Arlparra and has good attendance.   There are three other schools based at Soapy Bore Homeland, Apungalindum Homeland and the third at the Health Clinic Homeland.

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education has facilities at Arlparra and offer a range of training courses and studies.

There is a community owned Store based at Arlparra selling general food lines, drinks, hardware and fuel.  Some of the neighbouring Stations also operate Stores and provide fuel outlets – the largest of these being Redgum Store on Mount Swan Station.

A Police Station was built at Arlparra through the Intervention period.  Two Police Officers are based at this Police Station.  Alcohol is not permitted anywhere at Utopia but although the ban is broken sometimes, the problems are minor.

The powerhouse at Arlparra generates 240 volt power to all Homelands in the Utopia region, Ampilatwatja community, Ammaroo Station, Irrultja and Atnwengerrpe Homelands.  All bores on Homelands are electrified with two exceptions where the bores are solar power operated.